What is the cloud, the cloud, and the other end of the cloud?

If you have watched Xin Haicheng’s animated film, you should have watched it or heard of „Above the Cloud: A Promised Place“. There is also the word cloud, but in fact, it can’t be confused. But in fact, the biggest common point between the two is that the other end of the cloud has a sky that can never be seen, go to the sky, and replace it with a service or product in the cloud. It is because there is a super vast place where people can store data. (Text, pictures, videos…). So the cloud hits because it looks like a server takes up a seat. data center backup and recovery solutions

1. How do you start using the cloud? Am I going to follow?

1. Company: save manpower and money costs, focus on your own advantage data center hong kong

First of all, we must first understand the payment model of the cloud. Most cloud payment models use „Subscription“, which means renting based on demand instead of direct purchase. The advantage is: idc data center data center backup  do not have its own development team, can adjust the purchase amount at any time according to the demand, use the latest version at any time, and have someone to help maintain and optimize.

It’s like Adam Smith put forward the concept of „specialization of labor can increase productivity“ in the 18th century. Due to limited resources, we are unlikely to rely on our own output for all our needs. Taking the example of Netflix, it chose to use resources for building content and software development instead of building its own data center global mpls vpn mpls vpn services mpls專線, and this is one of the main reasons for its success so far.


When we save the labor cost, maintenance cost, time cost, etc. of the system or service through the cloud, we can instead focus on the company’s own professionalism.

Personal: Data storage is easier, ready to use

In the past, we needed to carry hard drive, portable hard disk, usbenterprise private network managed private network sdwan 企業網絡 with us in order to use our stored data. To find out the thoughts at the time, you need to take out a notepad; to find out the past files, you need to read countless paper materials; if you want to open Powerpoint in front of others, you need to bring a USB, or the simplest way to bring your own computer .

In fact, it’s okay to have nothing to do with the method, but what if you don’t have usb to count? Do you have any way to deal with this sudden situation?

The advantage of the cloud is that you can access the Work that you have spent a lot of effort on anytime and anywhere; you can quickly access the data you have prepared through different devices; when you need to save immediately, you can also immediately access the cloud tools in. It reduces the weight of hardware devices that need to be carried around, mpls vpn network Remote access solution mpls vpn mpls sd wan sd wan network mpls network and allows you to cope with sudden and unexpected situations well

找一個新祖國繼續做人- 台灣篇


我朋友早年已經去了台灣移民讀書工作不回來, 他是我的一個好朋友好兄弟, 現在尤其疫情, 根本沒法相見. 早年我還會怪他, 拋下我們一班朋友自己走了去台灣生活. 不過近年我終於都師父明白了.

原來「誰料 我愛你愛到最尾都不可永久 盡最大努力可以忍我都忍夠」, 原來真的要走, 沒辦法留低, 所以以下我就「慫恿」大家一起離開香港了.

1. 台灣投資移民


  • 創立資金達600萬新台幣並有實際業務的公司或投資現有台灣公司
  • 每年最少聘請2名以上的台灣籍員工
  • 營運3年


2. 技術移民









台灣移民流程簡單, 台灣投資移民條件也不難達到, 所以一起走吧